NAMI burn-e (VIPER) 72 V – Hyper Scooter – 8400 watts Max Power!

$6,299.00 Inc GST

NAMI Electric  New Age Mobility Innovation

NAMI is a new brand of electric scooter  in the high-end niche both in terms of performance but also components. Thanks to their experience acquired over the years, NAMI engineers have listened to user’s requests to deliver robust and efficient electric scooters to us, while eliminating the weak points of competitors in this same sector.

The Nami Burn-e(Viper) is the hyper scooter many people have been waiting for…maybe even have been dreaming of.

The Nami Viper Burn-e is equipped with a large 72V 35Ah battery with Panasonic 18650 cells which are among the most efficient cells on the market. The announced autonomy is 150km (25km / h, load of 70kg, 25 ° C, without wind …) but let’s look more at 80km real.

Maximum speed 100 km/hr

Weight 47 kg
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